Two rallies??

View to the South-West from about 18km into SS-7 in the 2022 Iceland Hill Rally

The organisers of the CanAm Iceland Hill Rally 2023 and the organisers of Rally Reykjavik 2023 have reached an agreement giving non-Icelandic competitors the opportunity to enter both events for the price of €1300, if entering before 18-Mar-2023.

Rally Reykjavik 2023, is a special stage rally which allows pacenotes, being run the weekend following the CanAm Iceland Hill Rally 2023, so your vehicle will be in place and ready to go! 

The total distance of special stages for CanAm Iceland Hill Rally 2023 is expected to be around 425km with a further 250km in Rally Reykjavik 2023, giving a total special stage distance for both events of 670km.

Please contact us for more details.