Return shipping to Iceland

This page contains the information and guidance to ship your competition vehicle and any other vehicle you wish to ship over, the other vehicle you must describe as a support vehicle for the event.

Do not just copy and paste all of the text, just copy paste segments if you wish.

Email should be addressed to Mike McDonald at

Hi Mike

I will be a competitor in this year’s Icelandic Hill Rally and I understand from Ian Sykes and Tryggvi M Thordarson that they have arranged a special rate for competitors.

The quotation number is 773319 under customer 1135774 and was arranged by Garðar Ingi Gunnarsson. The fee is GBP 1923.49

I would like to arrange return shipping for Describe vehicle, and some ID number eg Licence plate is best or VIN or chassis number

On the following shipping dates; IMMINGHAM to REYKJAVIK  You choose and delete the others

Monday 31-Jul-2023 for arrival Monday 7-Aug-2023 (Workable but is tight)


Monday 24-Jul-2023 arrival Monday 31-Jul-2023. (This gives a week or the vehicle here when you fly in)


Monday 14-Aug-2023 for collection 23/24-Aug-2023

Monday 21-Aug-2023 collection 30/31-Aug-2023.   NOTE in both return cases, UK customs have usually cleared vehicles by Tuesday. When I use this service I arrange to collect Thursday so that leaves Friday as a fall back – never needed the fall back.


The temporary importation of vehicles to be used in and at any Icelandic Motorsport event that is sanctioned under AKIS, is covered by Article 27 section 3 of Regulation number 630 from 2008. Customs may ask for confirmation from the Organisers be supplied to confirm the vehicles are being used in a current competition.

We can arrange to collect the vehicles from Reykjavik dock and store at my house, so you may need to use my address as your Iceland contact

Ian R Sykes (150949-2389Kt) ; Blikastigur 18, 225 Alftanes, Gardabaer, Iceland Mobile +354 662 6389

We can also arrange to return the vehicle to the dock in Reykjavik so it catches that week’s sailing.

If you wish either of these services, we need a covering email to give permission to do so, signed by the name of the vehicle’s owner.

You do NOT need any carnet type document or tax insurance, that is covered by the special Customs arrangement as above.

You are required to produce a list what you bring with the vehicle (example):

In the vehicle I have packed:
X spare wheels and tyres
X boxes of spare parts to keep vehicle running whilst in the event (mention anything very expensive but also state it will only operate with this vehicle )
X boxes/bags or rally clothing and helmets
X box/case of garage service tools
1 Vehicle trolley jack and stands.

You get the idea, it is not every single item, it is the general scope.


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