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These are questions the organizers has received and replied to.

Question: Which wheel(s) of the car is used to mesure distances (left/right, front/rear, 1/2/more wheels) ?
Reply:  The meter used to measure the distance uses pulses from pickups on the front axle.

Question: What accuracy was used in measuring roadbook distances ?
Reply:  The roadbook was all measured to an accuracy of 10m.

Question: Is there a measured distance we can set our trip meters ?
Reply: The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration maintains an official measured 2002m on road 36, running out from Reykjavik to Thingvellir. The eastern end is at 64.180817N, 21.60263W and the western end is at 64.180217N, 21.6438W. Please run your calibration from east to west.

Question: Is the timing system GPS based ?
Reply:  Yes.

Question: How is timing at end of special stages done ?
Reply:  The timing is done by geofencing. The system is provided by rogg.is

Question: Is the presentation from the meeting with competitors at Ellingsen BRP in Reykjavik on 29-Sep-2022 available somewhere?
Hvar er hægt að nálgast kynninguna sem haldin hjá Ellingsen BRP þann 29. september 2022?
Reply:  Presentation from 29-Sep-2022 / Kynning frá 29. sep. 2022

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