The Iceland Hill Rally (jepparally, in Icelandic) has been a reality before in two separate guises and by one other group.

The first such event, was put on by the McKinstry family, they who have the Tomcat franchise here in Iceland. This was the ICCR Fjallarallið, held 12-Sep-2009, where five crews entered and three made it to the end.

The latter event was five years later when the Icelandic All Terrain Rally was held on 20-Sep-2014 by the same persons who ran the Iceland Hill Rally 2021. Seven crews entered and five made it to the end.

Neither event grabbed the interest of the rally people in Iceland, so all those involved were resigned to this would never happen again.

Shift forward to the middle of 2020 when a British guy, Adrian Neaves, started suggesting having a Hill Rally in Iceland. He did some promotion but did not, due to business and family commitments, commit to helping run the event. That was the little spark that kicked off the Iceland Hill Rally 2021

However without wishing any ill feeling to the previous events, we firmly believe the 2021 Iceland Hill Rally was the best and most successful.

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