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  • FIA Volunteers Weekend

    This weekend, 12th and 13th of November 2022, is the FIA Volunteers Weekend.  As the name suggests, it is to celebrate the importance that volunteers play in the running of motorsport events. We sincerely want to thank all volunteers who have helped us in our previous Iceland Hill Rallies and wish them all the best […]

  • CanAm Iceland Hill Rally 2023

    Earlier this evening it was announced the 2023 event will be known as CanAm Iceland Hill Rally 2023. The local BRP CanAm dealer in Iceland has agreed to work with us to ensure the 2023 event will be even bigger and better than before. It was also revealed registrations for the CanAm Iceland Hill Rally […]

  • RUV TV Motorsport

    Head over to to watch the Icelandic Broadcasting Service (RUV) Motorsport magasine, which was dedicated to the rally. Mótorsport þátturinn á RÚV fjallaði um rallið. Þáttinn má nálgast á þessum tengli hér:

  • On TV / Í sjónvarpinu

    At 11:20GMT today (13-Aug-2022) on the Icelandic Broadcasting service TV channel will be showing from the Iceland Hill Rally 2022. The url is Umfjöllun verður um Iceland Hill Rally í Motorsport þættinum á RÚV núna í dag (laugardag 13. ágúst 2022) kl. 11:20.

  • Man’s best friend / Besti vinurinn

    On the afternoon stage we are doing Saturday one of the mountain guides lost her dog. Should you see it please let the organisers know. (See picture) Skálavörðurinn í Hrunamannaafrétti týndi hundinum sínum um daginn. Endilega látið keppnisstjórn vita ef þið sjáið hann. (Sjá mynd)