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Document no:2
From:The Stewards of the Meeting
Posted (GMT):18-Mar-2023 @ 8:00GMT

The Stewards, after discussions with the Organisers and with reference to Article 11.9.3.e of the International Sporting Code, have decided:

Due to the web registration system of the Icelandic Motorsport Association not functioning properly in the leadup to the close of entries at normal rate, as defined in Article 1, Article 9.1, Article 9.6 and Appendix A, the new date when entries close at normal rate is now 31-Mar-2023, not 17-Mar-2023.

Document no:1
Posted (GMT):25-Nov-2022 @ 9:30GMT

In Article 3.2 the name of the Medical Officer is written incorrectly. It should read Elsa Kristin Sigurdardottir.

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