• Hotel Sat/Sun

    We will start from Hotel Hrauneyjar up in the highlands extremely early Sunday morning 7-Jul-2022. We have reserved rooms at the hotel for competitors and crews so you can be quite close to the start – and with a good nights sleep. Please get in touch with us to reserve your room. Ræst verður frá […]

  • Webstore has opened

    We have, in co-operation with, opened a web store stocked with official event merchandise. Please visit our web store and see if there are anything you would like. Við höfum opnað vefverslun í samvinnu við þar sem boðið er uppá varning tengdan keppninni. Endilega kíkið á hvort að það vanti ekki eitthvað það […]

  • Under a month to go…

    It is now less than a month until the event start. All permits in house and some of course some surprises.

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