• RUV TV Motorsport

    Head over to to watch the Icelandic Broadcasting Service (RUV) Motorsport magasine, which was dedicated to the rally. Mótorsport þátturinn á RÚV fjallaði um rallið. Þáttinn má nálgast á þessum tengli hér:

  • On TV / Í sjónvarpinu

    At 11:20GMT today (13-Aug-2022) on the Icelandic Broadcasting service TV channel will be showing from the Iceland Hill Rally 2022. The url is Umfjöllun verður um Iceland Hill Rally í Motorsport þættinum á RÚV núna í dag (laugardag 13. ágúst 2022) kl. 11:20.

  • Man’s best friend / Besti vinurinn

    On the afternoon stage we are doing Saturday one of the mountain guides lost her dog. Should you see it please let the organisers know. (See picture) Skálavörðurinn í Hrunamannaafrétti týndi hundinum sínum um daginn. Endilega látið keppnisstjórn vita ef þið sjáið hann. (Sjá mynd)

  • Aerial overview / Loftmyndir

    You can now download or see where the special stages on Saturday and Sunday are. Please click on the link to download an aerial overview of special stages four to twelve in a document. Hægt er að sjá hvar sérleiðir fjögur til tólf eru á loftmyndum með því að ýta á þennan hlekkinn.

  • Define race-ready

    Maybe not quite ready for the hill rally itself, but certainly to go watching.

  • Bulletin board update

    New changes to the Bulletin board – please pop over and look at it. Upplýsingataflan hefur breyst – vinsamlega kíkið á hana.

  • On the other hand…

    Having mentioned the rain and how the roads are wet and soggy and some rivers overflowing, I must post this picture taken moments ago:

  • Wet, wet, wet

    After winter quite a lot of snow was in the highland and it has taken longer than usual to thaw – but it is getting there but slowly, slowly. One of the stages we are running as a “bit” of a wet patch towards the end so we might have to get creative on the […]

  • Web store and hotel

    We would like to remind everyone of our web store which has some goodies for sale. We still have rooms at Hotel Hrauneyjar and we have not heard from all the competitors regarding need for rooms. Please get in touch with the organizers to order. Your logistics will be so much easier if you do… […]

  • First day 5-Aug-2022

    As last year the first day of the event will be short, sort of a prologue for the event. This is done to try and sort the competitors in running order by letting them try different roads and terrains in sort of a cross section of the stages ahead. During Friday we will be at […]

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