This is the page you have been directed to by a QR code you scanned, probably off a T shirt at the 2023 Tuareg Rally in Morocco. Welcome.

There are two rallies on offer, Can-Am Ellingson Iceland Hillrally and Rally Reykjavik they are 11/12/13 August for the Hillrally and 18/19/20 August for the Rally. With Monday to Thursday available to visit Iceland.

Some important limitations;

Shipping is with Eimskip from any North Sea port they sail to and from. Immingham and Rotterdam being the most obvious ports to use. If you use another company we will refund some of the entry fee, appropriate to the base cost of shipping with Eimskip. The fee is for one vehicle return shipping NOT a container.

Accommodation or camping is not included in the entry fee with one exception. The Iceland Hillrally moves to the remote highland area on Saturday night (12th August), the B&B cost for 2/3 sharing a room is included, there are no other facilities available, no camping is allowed.

This offer only applies to competitors or service crews who attended the Tuareg Rally in Morocco in March 2023

For Information about the Hillrally click the link. www.hillrally.is

For Information about Rally Reykjavik, click here.

Thank you

Ian R Sykes
Deputy Clerk of Course

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